Monday, August 13, 2007

Yea - No more Spam!

Ok this is really great! I haven't had one bit of spam mail since I signed up so if you opened up your inbox and had to sift through a bunch of crapmail then sign up here. I think this is the future of email b/c now every email I get is qualified.

I used it for a couple of days and saw that it was brilliant before I told you guys about it and my friend Melissa Jill already signed up and if you sign up through my link which is the same price as if you sign up straight away I can show how to become a referrer yourself so when your friends sign up it credits your account and you get the service for free.

Cheers to the end of spam!


|| davidjay || said...

Thanks Richard for the tip on how to open a link in a new window - I added it to this post! Rock on!

Shannon said... have YET to give me dates MISTER!!!!

Matt Ramos said...

Now if only I could sign up for the same thing for the regular mail, it would be awesome! said...

quick question: How does it work on automated stuff that you DO want to receive? Like newsletters (like yours, Pictage, JT, etc)? Plus, wouldn't this block away messages (like what you use)?

|| davidjay || said...

Good question! As long as the address is verified it'll come through...if not it kicks it back and makes the sender verify their address one time.

When I send out my newsletter I usually get a few requests back for verification which I go ahead and verify but a spammer wouldn't be able to do that b/c they're not sending from their own address.

It also puts all your "unverified" mail into a special mailbox on SpamArrest server so I logged in for the first couple of days and verified things that I wanted like info from my bank and my airline alerts and stuff like that.

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Yay! I'm all for no more spam. do we get the music to stop playing? I can't have my neighbors in cubicleville knowing I'm on OSP again!!!