Saturday, August 25, 2007


Today was quite a day.

It's impossible to completely share the emotions I felt today but I will try.

This sort of experience was new to me and I was amazed at how powerful it was and I admit I'm not completely sure of all the reasons why but seeing my friends set out to do something and then hearing about the discipline they've had training for this for months and months and then getting the opportunity to witness their accomplishment was incredible.

At the start they all took off in this sea of hats and it was impossible to see who was who but knowing the challenge they had ahead of them and the crazy cold water they were diving into I certainly didn't envy them at that point.

Then watching them charge out of the water, exhausted but determined gave me such a rush and so much respect for each one of them.

At this point I left to get packed because I'm gonna be in Canada this week but I came back down to see the finish and to stand in awe of what all of them had just accomplished.

I cried as they approached the finish line because I was so proud - inspired - full of admiration and wonderfully jealous while at the same time being so grateful to have these people in my life.

It was a funny and instense mix of feelings and I'm starting to cry again and I have to stop b/c I'm in the Seattle airport and people are gonne think I'm weird.

So thank you.


Vanessa said...

Now I feel bad for calling you a little devil!! ;)

You are so sweet, DJ, and we were all so blessed to have you and our other amazing fans there to cheer us on. Thanks for sharing in the excitement and emotions with us today! :)

amynave said...

Hey, he's still a little devil, don't take that back:) Hello, don't forget the shark story before the swim and he never said he was kidding.

But yes, thank you DJ for being one of our biggest supporters/fans. It was great to finish and see your smiling face:)

Tim Halberg said...

have I ever told you how amazingly hot Deyl is??

Marry him! ;-) (wait... he's a he... and he's married...)

Daniel J. Watkins said...

have I ever told you how amazingly hot Tim Halberg is?

Dane Sanders said...

Just awesome. I love the line about being "closet jealous" or whatever you said. That's how I felt and I didn't even see it! You have great friends ... total inspirations!

... and Deyl is hotter than Tim. I'm sorry. It's just objectively true. ;)

... see you in few hours DJ! Can't wait!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

have I ever told you how amazingly hot Dane Sanders is??

J said...

Nice...congrats ladies! Looked like a great day! I am running my first TRI on the 9th, just 14 days away...yikes!

DJ and all...have fun in Canada eh!

Mike Larson said...

so proud of you for doing this!!! will you do wildflower next year? its the biggest triathlon in the world, 7800 athletes! we are all going in on a huge group, its a weekend campout as well! tell dane to bring the airstream!

Deyl said...

thanks for being there with us buddy!

Anonymous said...

Ah! I seriously just got chills. Is that weird? I know I would've cried if they had been my friends.

Something about athleticism is just so NEAT; so inspiring; sports movies get me everytime.

I'd LOVE to run a half-marathon someday, as I think that's the farthest distance I could ever go.

But a triathalon? Wow: that's true strength! Thanks for sharing. So neat. Congratulations Amy, Vanessa and Paige!