Saturday, August 25, 2007

They rocked!

I got up at 6am this morning and went down to see my friends compete in the Santa Barbara Triathalon! Wow! I am so impressed! It was so fun and as soon as I got there the announcer announced Paige, Vanessa and Amy and he has some nickname for them like the training divas or something - I forgot but it was funny.

Amy is not too thrilled about the shark

(I totally made that up! lol - that article is from two years ago and I just changed the date and put a scary shark picture on it in Photoshop)

...Checkout this video! haha!

More pictures to come! ... right now they're on the 34 mile bike ride and then a 10 mile run! Amazing!


Sarah Barlow said...

You're as mean as a shark.

Wow..I'm so proud of them!!! They've worked so hard for this!:)

Chris Humphreys said...

Dude that's hilarious!! LOL!

Regis said...


Shouldn't you be in the Triathalon also? Weren't you training for this for months? Didn't you get customized Nike shoes for this?

... no worries, just try to blend in with the last running stage and maybe no one will notice :)

J said...

Yeah...what happened to your participation...just standing there and heckling these athletes :)

Deyl said...

thanks for being there buddy! i just realized that anyone else would have been charged over ten grand for all day of you shooting!

i'll buy you a smootie or something :)

Natalie Joy said...

OMG DJ! your sooooooooo mean!!!
I totally believed that! although i must say, this practical joke def. leaves the one with JT's phone in the dust:P

Great job Amy!!!! cant wait to hear about it!

amynave said...

OMG, I can't believe you were kidding. I was pretty scared and I totally throught you were serious. You're going to get a beating when I see you!!!!

Vanessa said...

Like I said...big meany.

Thanks for coming was great to see you and so wonderful to have all those shots! Thank you, thank you! :)

p.s. Regis- DJ's triathlon is at the end of September. He is going to rock it! Right, Deej? :)

kennykimdotcom said...

dude the beauty of photoshop! I love it. too funny...