Sunday, August 12, 2007


Yesterday I swam 500 meters in my pool. I'm amazed because I don't really like to swim but I like swimming way more than running. My body feels so good after swimming and it feels terrible after running.

I swam in a new swimsuit that Keats and Jessica sent to me! They sent me a whole gift basket with swimming stuff so when I have guests they don't have to use my bath towels. lol How cool is this!

I also got a sweet picture from Jason Groupp! He shot it when he came out for the wedding in Maine and it's such an incredible picture. I hung it right inside the entry way of the apt.

I am so hungry right now. I don't have any food up here and I think I might die.

All I have is Joe's O's and no milk. My milk expired 4 months ago back in April so it's kinda funny that it still got moved to my new house. Oh well. I really might die and I want to put honey on the O's but without milk I can't.

I also started using this company to protect my email. There was a massive spam attack over the weekend and I started getting 400+ spam messages a day so I had to put an end to it. I haven't gotten a single piece of spam since and it feels so good. If you decide to do it sign up through my link because it's a referral link.


THE assistant said...

I hate that feeling! We'd had enough of that at the I spent about two hours at the grocery store today buying all kinds of yummies! Then came home and made dinner for Missy...I'm UPS her leftovers! :D Just know once you make it to Canada there will be plenty of yummy food. Sorry your starving!

000 said...

what? just eat them, your not that hungry then. crazy guy

I'm Kristen said...

i just looove the new music player on your blog.
especially the song "bubbly".
where did you get such a fabulous, nifty idea?


|| davidjay || said...

lol - Kristen - I was waiting to see if everyone liked it before I told them all that I got it from you. You rock. :)

I ate half the box of Joe's O's last the handful!

Shyla said...

#1: Bubbly is my FAVORITE song!!

#2: Ummmmm... 4 months?!?! DJ,DJ,DJ [insert shaking of head here]

Vanessa said...

swimming makes you really hungry...way more so than running...idk why

p.s. the music still scares me every time...pretty good selections though ;)

I'm Kristen said...

haha! no problem :D

it's royal treatment having David Jay copy me

richard mcgarry said...

DJ you might want to put target”=”_blank”> at the end of your links so they open into a new page

chantal stone said...

i hope you threw the milk away finally!

Melissa Jill :) said...

Don't Die David!!

Thanks for the spam link--I've been looking for something like that!

Fed said...

Really like the feel on the blog with the music playing. Nice Touch.

kschmiddy said...

Totally random that I checked your blog today, but that picture on your wall of Portland Headlight is where I went to daycare until I was six..."Lighthouse Daycare" it was called...random, I know.

Awesome pic though, congrats on the house!!

jason groupp said...

So glad to make the walls of the Freedom House! :)