Thursday, July 19, 2007

So excited!!!

So excited!!!, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

I just got the beautiful invites for Gary and missy's wedding and they

are so gorgeous! Missy did an amazing job picking these out! I can't

wait for the wedding!

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Anonymous said...

Ask Melissa where she got them so we can recommend them.

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Me too!

Shyla said...

Great taste Missy! :)

katej said...

so I guess the big question is... who's "shooting" their wedding???

Melissa Carl said...

SO CUTE! Thanks DJ. It means a lot that you said they were nice invites. I spent so much time with the lady designing those. We got them from Mimio Papers in California. There was actually a few misprints on there I was so bummed to find. They sent out the invites without printing the final approval. She said she would give us a price cut for it, but I am still bummed. It has the old name of the ranch on there in one place and a few other things... the men's day has the wrong date, but the right day of the week.

They are kind of slow getting things done, so you have to keep on them a lot. We had a deadline and missed it by A LOT... which is why we just sent them out last week, and also why I didn't have time to proof the final printed invite.

But they do everything custom. That is why she has such a great store. You can do anything you want!