Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wander I did

I guess it was good exercise though.... :)

I was doing so well.... I made it from my hotel in Paris to the Metro and then on to the train station which brought me under the water to London and then I found my way on the "Underground" to the exact corner I wanted to be on! Picadilly! ....but then I had 6 different directions to choose from and I choose wrong! ahhh...I walked with my camera bag and my roller backpack for miles trying to find a hotel and I must've made every possible wrong turn because by the time I was too tired to go on it cost me 15 pounds to get back to the exact corner I started on and then it was about 20 steps to my hotel. lol.... no joke!

It's the same hotel I stayed at with Vanessa back in January and when we were here before the rooms they had us in where tiny so I think we got shafted because the room I have now is huge! ... with two full baths! The reason I came back even after the small rooms the last time was the breakfast! Wow - so good and I can hardly wait to wake up and eat it! ...and it really is just a few steps from Picadilly circus which really is a circus. Watch the video.

I'm watching the running of the bulls on TV and it's crazy - people are just getting dominated.


Nicholaus Haskins said...

Dude....thats frikking uber cool!

Nathan Sawatzky Photography said...

Man, that sounds like so much fun. I've never been over the pond..but your post sure made me laugh! Good to hear you had a good time!

Studio Foto said...

I haven't done the Europe thing yet. It looks amazing! Hope the res of your trip goes a bit soother.


Mary Marantz said...

oh you're making me miss London so much! we actually just booked our flights to go back in September. Love the video!!

Vanessa said...

shafted? hey- I liked my closet! ;)