Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lightroom VS. Aperture

The battle everyone is talking about!

room VS. Aperture

If you're looking for ways to dial in your post wedding workflow this month's Freedom Club is for you. I've been putting both Lightroom and Aperture to the test and there is a clear winner so DON'T make the mistake that so many people are making by wasting money on the wrong program.

Also, I've really dialed in my workflow from download to upload and by watching these videos you too can get your post wedding workflow down to under 3 hours! The videos are uploading now and I'll post them tomorrow! :)




Josh Newton said...

awesome!! thanks DJ =)

hey quick question! if someone were to have already bought the brilliant settings... but didn't get the lightroom conversions, how would one go about doing that?!

thank you so much, you rock!! can't wait to see the videos!!


Nicholaus Haskins said...


Sarah Barlow said...

What's Aperture?


J said...

One vote lightroom... :)

|| davidjay || said...

Good question Josh and it's FREE for you. :) ... just log back into your account on and you can download the new ones with custom programmed Brilliant settings for Lightroom.

Rock on!

Nathan Sawatzky Photography said...

Vote # 2 for Lightroom, I'm loving it, plus now with 1.1 and the addition of catalogs! Whew, i can't imagin wht 2.0 will do!! Frankly though, i would trust a comparison review, between the two, coming from you (HEY that rhymes!) To be the best insight..Man, that was a mouthful! I know your all about making things simple and setting yourself free! rock on!

Unknown said...

Long Live Aperture!

C'mon, people ... LR doesn't even have dual monitor support. Aperture is amazazing with dual cinema displays. Plus it has better stack support, better sharpening, and better printing.

Plus its made by the same people who brought you the iPhone :)

Nathan said...

Lightroom ALL the way - I revolutionized my work flow with LR - and bounced from DJ's suggestions with Bridge wrkflow and RAW in that - to the workflow in LR. 1.1 is AWESOME and so much more stable and a lot faster.

I would be the likely candidate for Aperture - BUT it made my MBP a jet engine - LR didn't - so no brainer. BEST software investment EVER.....

Unknown said...

I had about the same trouble Gary Fong had I put aperture on my mac and it started acting really strange. I stayed on the phone about 2 hours with a mac rep. Took aperture off and my computer is working fine now.

Nicholaus Haskins said...

I soooooo love the "clarity" tool!

Where's the video! Im ready!

Eric said...

Let's see.

Lightroom supports presets - so people can sell actions.

Aperture does not

Deyl said...

you guys don't know what you're talking about. nothing can touch windows photo editor.

Brittany Leigh said...

Can't wait to see the vids DJ!!!

hows the new house!? I want the tour!

I'm going to be in SB in a about a month...wanna shoot?

The City Girl said...

you crack me up!

Ryan Charles said...

Aperture= MS Paint
LR= Heaven

|| davidjay || said...