Friday, July 27, 2007

Freedom Club updated

I wanted to give all of you the first chance to checkout the Freedom Club and get the discounts before I send out a newsletter to over 11,000 people.

This month the first 300 people get almost 50% off of the Brilliant settings so hurry and check it out before I send out the newsletter.

Here's a little intro video! ...and there are 12 other workflow videos that I just posted today that will show you how to get through your post wedding workflow in just a couple of hours!

I'm leaving in a few hours to do a two day turnaround trip to Chicago for a wedding there this weekend so I'll be kinda outta commission till Monday. :)


Name: Brian McGuckin said...

It's great to know you practice what you preach. Thanks DJ!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

When are you leaving Chicago? We'll be in Chicago on Monday. :)

Paula and Damian said...

Hey David,

Any info on how to install the Brilliant settings for LR. I just downloaded it and there is no documentation on the install process. BTW, I think there might be a little bit of an hitch with the purchasing site, after I logged into my account I was able to view someone elses order and info. Not sure what happened!

Keep up the good work my brother and looking forward to seeing you in JAMAICA. :)

Ryan Charles said...

hey bro whats the discounted price is it 69 or less? thanks man

Hybrid Photography said...

I really like your bookcase lol...where'd you get it? :)

Fed said...

Hey DJ am I to late on the Settings??? it shows full price in the cart.
I'm having a problem with my bank and paypal so I lost the feedom club membership I'm just waiting on a new card for that account, so I'll be back.