Friday, July 20, 2007

Down to the wire

Down to the wire, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

I am down to the wire with 2 months to prep for this mini triathalon

that Deyl and Co. Signed me up for. That means no more messing around

and eating out every meal.

I swung by trader joes today and got a bunch of food that can be

prepared in less than a minute without any extra ingredients. I hate

it when they sell you some food and you get home to eat it and it

tells you that you also need milk and butter and this and that so all

this food you can eat fast! :)

Also notice that all the cleaning supplies is Eco friendly. Deyl got

me into that and it's a good idea to try and be concious of how what

we do affects the environment.

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Please write me: said...

I also notice the bottle of red! Good call!

eB photography said...

bottle of red, yes, but THAI FOOD.
double points!

we headed out a little too late tonight to catch our favorite local Thai eatery but Chinese take out was still running. yum. My taste buds are jealous of Thai.

Mike Larson said...

dude, our traithlon is tomorrow, tara is coming up to slo to join us, you should do it with us next year!

Unknown said...


I have been eating clean for a bout a year now. Is that a bottle of wine on the table? HMMM. Nothing like a great pinot in your cup as you pass by on the bike and then the last leg of the race. LOL. Anyway I wish you lock, but try some fish, oatmeal, and chicken breast no preservatives, and some whey protien. Get some supplements on that table especially some L-Glutamine. Good luck bro!!!!

Unknown said...

DJ the above post was from me Charles Bordner with Imagine That.

Tim Halberg said...

yikes... you going soft man???

kennykimdotcom said...

DJ - when are u coming in to town this week? Let me know your schedule

Anonymous said...

So, how was the first night in the Freedom House?

J said...

I have 49 days til mine...doing the same!

Deyl said...

you're gonna need more than microwave meals to get u across that finish line :)

Green is the new black

Sarah Renée said...

I approve--way to go green :) lol

And turn off the away message on your e-mail punk!! :-P

Ginger Murray said...

mmm... yes! dish soap!
That will fight off those late night hunger attacks!

Ginger Murray said...

PS, in all seriousness now... Good for you, goin green! I wish we had a Trader Joes to get eco friendly supplies!

wrecklessgirl said...

i <3 trader joes.

Unknown said...

That Kung Pao chicken will have you running... ;)

The City Girl said...

which tri are you doing? i just did one with mike and rachel (larson) yesterday. it was so much fun!