Friday, May 04, 2007


Ok so I'm on my way down to Palm Springs for my wedding this weekend and Brett is driving so I brought my Verizon internet card so I could book a room on the way...but there were no rooms. We couldn't believe it!

I think the 2nd stop of the Swiss Watch Tour must be here in Palm Springs this week b/c there are seriously no rooms.

So when times get desperate I have to actually pick up the phone and make phone calls. So I called this nice place right next to club where the wedding is and while I was on the phone with the lady telling me they were booked full somebody cancelled their reservation so we got it! Sweet!

We're staying at the Rancho Las Palmas resort which I've heard is pretty nice.

Ok...we're just arriving. Ciao. (BTW - this place isn't that nice) lol we got checked in and I remembered Samuel showing me the bed jump website so I decided to do one of my own! Pretty fun!


amynave said...

So, was your heart racing just a little bit??????????

|| davidjay || said...

There are some things that raise my heart beat...unfortunately this wasn't one of them.

I knew one of these hotels would have a nice bathroom I could stay in. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey David!
Nice flight! Is it you or Brett on the picture?

Michael Costa said...

Michael and I just shot a wedding in Palm Springs two weeks ago and we couldn't find a room there either!! The first hotel we could find that had availability was an hour outside. Where was your wedding at? We shot at the Parker Palm Springs. Check out the slideshow!

See you in a couple days!
~Anna + Michael

|| davidjay || said...

Samuel - it's me :) Have you forgotten me

Michael and Anna! - haha.. Glad to see I'm not the only one! Great photos BTW!

|| davidjay || said...

oh ... were talking about the jumping's me... :)

aboutimage said...

LOL, love the bed jump photo :)

Glad to hear you got a room and not a washroom again

Samantha F. said...

Any hotel that has beds that are nice/strong enough to use as the landing mats for aerial acrobatics is a NICE hotel. ^_^

I bet it was fun taking that picture! I'm glad you guys were able to find a room.

LaCour said...

Dude, you were a KEEPER, right?!?!

You're just re-enacting a classic soccer save...sweet.

Love it. Looks like a blast.


Gracie said...

Sometimes I wonder what you do on all your road trips. In my mind I always imagined broken bedboards, top hats strews about and feathers sailing to the floor. Now I know why.