Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fast I Am - huh? :)

So I was so excited because my Nike+ shoes just shipped and I received them today even though they weren't supposed to come until tomorrow and I thought I'd miss them.

So I got the box and tore it open taking pictures along the way...

...and Nike does a good job of packaging this stuff - I think they've taken a lesson from Mac on this one because it's all very nice and the shoes come in this cool little bag.

...but when I whip them out I see that they say "FAST I AM" - LOL - oops!

I went to double check the order online thinking that this may have been the first time I actually made a mistake but that wasn't the case...of course..what was I thinking.

So I hitup this little chat thing on their website and the dude is sending me another pair. He was pretty cool and it's nice to chat with a CS person like Larry...and since I can use these shoes in the meantime I'm happy with that solution.

Larry: Hi, my name is Larry. How may I help you?
David: Hey Larry :)
David: I just received my order and the printing on the back of the shoes is backwards
Larry: Hi David
Larry: Oh no. I am sorry to hear this
David: It is supposed to read "I AM" on the left shoe and then "FAST" on the right shoe
Larry: I would be happy to get you a label to return your shoes
Larry: That is clever!
David: It is also a lie. :)
Larry: Ok, what is your order number please?
David: not a big deal and I'd rather not have to return them and wait for new their another solution.
Larry: David, I am sorry for the error
Larry: But, you will need to return the shoes.
Larry: Let me take a look at your order!
Larry: I may be able to request a remake
David: no worries...if you could even just discount me for the custom printining I'd be happy with that
Larry: I do apologize but we don't have any policy to discount product due to errors
David: That's too bad. Seems it's more work and money and time for everyone to have to print out a new shoe...
Larry: Yes, I sure do agree
Larry: Would you like me to order a remake?
David: How long will that take?
Larry: Unfortunately same time frame.
David: ...and that's the only option you offer?
Larry: I am afraid so. I can send you a prepaid return label to return your shoes and then have NIKE iD remake them.
David: Can I use them in the meantime
Larry: As long as the shipping date was within the last 30 days
Larry: Sure
Larry: First I really have to look at your order
Larry: May I have your order number??
David: Great! I just received them today and haven't even laced them up but as long as I can use them while the others come then I am happy.
David: Sure...
Larry: Ok, coo
Larry: cool
David: Here is my number -
Larry: thans
Larry: thanks
Larry: Ok, I have requested the label.
Larry: Please allow 24 hours to receive
Larry: I have sent over the request for the remake
Larry: Please allow 4 weeks to recieve
David: Fantastic. I appreciate your time.
Larry: I am sorry about all of this
Larry: You are welcome
Larry: Anything else I can do?
David: No problem...I make plenty of mistakes myself so it's all good. That's all I needed.
Larry: I appreciate it!
Larry: Have a great night and thanks for visiting NIKE iD


Deyl said...

ha ha, sounds like a yoda quote...

"Named must your fear be before banish it you can.”

Mare~Marmalade said...

it's like Nike is using Dr. Seuss for inspiration with your shoes! bwahaha.

love it. Good customer service, whodathunk that would make someone's day....? :)

kennykimdotcom said...

Fast I am sounds pretty cool actually. Nike has the easiest return policy .If your air gel pops at any time, they will accept it as a defect and give you credit for your shoes.

STEVE DePINO said...

I think you should stay with "Fast I am"... thats way to funny not to keep.

Hanagraphie said...

I agree with Steve... you should keep 'Fast, I Am'... it sounds much cuter! ;)

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Deyl beat me to got Yoda's Nikes...

I vote for keeping them...they'll be more of a conversation starter than "I AM FAT." (or fast, whatever...) ;)

Jasmine said...

LOL!!! You MUST keep the Fast I AM shoes! You can start a Nike ID trend ;) Seriously, you should keep them for laughter's sake...and they'll probably keep you humble! :)

K.C. said...

Just make sure they wear evenly. Their return policy is not fool proof and 360's are delicate shoes:)

Studio Foto said...

Funny that is... Keep your Yoda shoes you should...hmmm : ) Krystal

jumanjijuice said...

Fast I am, Jedi Knight now you are.