Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Have your DEFAULT be YES!

It's great to be home! Although I do have to leave again in the morning for a wedding in Palm Springs. A few of you emailed about wanting to come along and sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I haven't had much internet access and so it's been tough to correspond with anyone.

When we got on the plane yesterday I realized their was a mistake with our seats so I asked to move to an open seat in a different section and the flight attendant said "no" ... so I informed her that I was a 1k member and she still said sorry I can't move you. That's when I got on my high horse and told her that she was being unreasonable and that the rules she was spouting off were flat out silly and I wanted to talk to somebody else. :) ...Can you imagine how silly I sounded!

She sent back her superviser who moved both me and Brett as soon as she could but I asked Brett if I had been rude to the lady and he said, "The way you acted was very unDJ-like" which was Brett's brilliant way of flattering and scolding me all at the same time. So when the flight attendant came back through I apologized to her for how I had acted.

Lots of lessons were learned:
1. Always check your seats at Check-in.
2. If your default response is "no - I can't help you" don't expect to have many friends.
3. When you lose your patience, even if you're right, apologize.
4. When correcting someone - do it like Brett did.


Shot by Candy said...

Right On!! :)

kennykimdotcom said...

you have good friends. :-) welcome back! see you next week.

Susan said...

David, I was messing around online the other night, trying to find out some information about these two people I've had the unfortune to have met and been taken by...Javier & Christy Vidueira! They are crooks and I know where they are! Please answer
I don't want them to get away with what they did to who knows HOW many people with their Bliksem scam!! I know straight from the horse's mouth what they did! They actually brag about it to anyone they meet, then they steal money from them, too! Please get back to me soon!

Susan said...

I guess I didn't really explain so well how I knew about your misfortune with them...I just googled her name, and all of the forums about Bliksem came up. I read yours, and I wanted to contact you asap.

Photographer RE said...

I wouldn't have trusted your in flight meal! It was great meeting you in Vegas, hope to see you at a CT PUG meeting!

Shannon said...

great story...great advice...great lessons learned by all :)

amynave said...

WOW, you should have just taken a detour to Switzerland and waited till a first class seat opened up:P DORK

jason groupp said...

Your default might become "no fly" list. :) It's easy to lose patience with the airlines sometimes, but it's even harder to take it in stride.

Glad to see you're back safe, you guys must have gone nutz without internet access!

Joe Photo said...

DJ thanks for sharing the lessons that you processed. It's an important habit to pause and reflect, then learn and apply. Your lessons teach us all. Blessings to you brother:)