Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New (Jersey) Friends

The New Jersey PPA show was awesome! A special thanks to Al Dicampli for putting all of this together and for everyone that showed up! It was a packed room with 113 people! A few hecklers but hey it's Jersey! What can you expect! :)

Also, I was stoked to see Paul Loftland already putting some of the "Hands-Free" marketing tools to work on his blog by posting some of these pictures! Rock on!

I'm in Chicago now just getting ready to head home for a few days before a big wedding up in Pismo this weekend.



aboutimage said...

Great fun pics -- looks like fun. Enjoy the trip home :)

scott neumyer said...

How could our good old Jersey be anything but fun?!

Did you have any pork roll & cheese???

Natalie Joy said...

I'm waving out the window!:)

J said...

Wow...packed house and looks like a great night!

Heyn Photography said...

YaY thats me!!

Heyn Photography said...

hahaha, thats us!