Monday, May 14, 2007

Look at this album!

Rarely do I have the chance to stay in touch with a client after I shoot their wedding and that's ok. I understand that they have their life and I have mine and so usually after the wedding I lose touch with my clients but every once in awhile I meet a couple who is special and Brooke and Blake are definitely one of those couples.

Tonight I drove up to Los Alamos to have dinner with them and I was reminded once again what a special role we, as wedding photographers, play in people's lives.

When I arrived at their house all I could see where my pictures - everywhere! It was amazing...and then best of all I saw their gorgeous and HUGE album sitting on their coffee table.

Pink Penny did the design on it and I was utterly blown away. I don't see my albums or prints once their made b/c I'm rarely in town and so it would be a big bottleneck if everything came through me.

I sat down and looked through the whole album and I dunno how many pages it was but I'm guessing it was the max that Queensberry can do. It was this beautiful chocolate brown leather with the same color matts and gold trim and it looked unreal.

Here is the Showit Web slideshow from the wedding a year ago and Pink Penny have the whole layout for you to checkout here!


STEVE DePINO said...

If those were my wedding photos I think I would have them all over my house as well! Beautiful job on those images David.

kennykimdotcom said...

That wedding album looks like it's on steroids. Wow, that is thick! :-) I think I am going to have Pink Penney design my albums too. I've been talking to Raya about it. I love how after I shoot a clients wedding, I become friends with them. I see many of them at other weddings mostly due to the fact that they recommend me to their friends. Gotta love this job!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Just curious -- by what criteria did they use to determine that Lewis is the bestest cat in the entire world? That seems like a very impressive cat...perhaps he needs little cat body guards kinda like the Queen of England maybe?

Stacy Cross said...

What a great feeling! It's good to meet a couple that understands the value of their pictures and invests in them. :)

Raya Carlisle said...

we like to go big at pink penny! I warned Brooke that it was going to be thick and she had the best attitude. She was like, well it's our wedding album and I already have a special spot in our living room for it". Those are the brides we like : ) Glad you got to see it Deej.