Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to stay alive with no wrinkles

I had lunch with my friend Ashley today and she takes such good care of me. She's the one that first gave me Emergen-C and now I live on this stuff. I usually just have Airborne with me because it's easier to travel with. It comes in a little tube and you don't need to stir it but when I'm at home I can take the Emergen-C which tastes better.

So today when I showed up she handed me this bottle and said you have to start using this! I looked at it and was like oh thanks but I thought it was for removing wrinkles on my face...but once she started to explain it I figured it out that it's for traveling with clothes and not having to iron them! I'm stoked to try it out this weekend and I'm glad I didn't spray it on my face.

She also gave me lots of tips on healthy food to eat too. I usually don't buy food to keep at home because I have so many great restaurants by my house. This picture is of all the restaurants within just a few blocks of my house but she told me about healthy snacks and if any of you guys have healthy snacks that I can make without turning on my oven that would be cool b/c I've never turned it on and I don't wanna get too involved in all that stuff.


Jacquie Van Tichelt said...

Gosh...I am glad you did'nt put that stuff on your face too! She is a very pretty girl. I have no healthy snacks. You should share what she told you with me.

Michael J Charles said...


She is hot - you should marry her! Chris H and I will shoot your wedding and we'll bring the snacks.

One of my favorite snacks/quick lunches are the buritos they sell at whole foods (whole foods brand) of those with some Berritos chips and I'm happy...oh, and a few Newman's own cookies.

Hope you're still running. I've been working out since Jan and I'm loving it! I have so much more energy. I was planning on doing the Nike thing a while back but my knees couldn't handle the running (probably b/c at that time I was so out of shape).

Another tip for wrinkle free clothes is to roll everything before packing it. Try it, it works!

Luke_Walker said...

dude you sound like me. i live right in the middle of downtown with about 10,000 good places to eat nearby. alisha just turned on my stove for the first time last week.

of course in our defense it really is hard keeping a lot of good, fresh food in the house when you are only making for one person (and when that person has a very unbalanced schedule and is out of the house alot as well). at least that's my defense! :)

|| davidjay || said...

Haha...Yea I bet in NY it's even crazier! Hope you'll be around during Photoplus!

kennykimdotcom said...

Very practical! I just got a GPS system which is my new best friend.

Deyl said...

you should walk to tuesday night farmers market. its only two blocks away. or i could come pick up you and your "fast i am" shoes and drop you off there if its too far.

you can get free samples- almost enough for a meal (especially for you b/c you eat like a girl). and if you take a few hats and shirts, you can hit the same booth a bunch of times :)

Rachel Brooke said...

some healthy snack ideas:
-pretzels and salsa
-corn/flour tortilla with turkey and cheese (microwaved)
-bananas and peanut butter
-pita chips

Mike Larson said...

mmm, healthy food...