Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Connecticut Wedding!

Checkout the wedding I just shot in Connecticut! Justin Marantz helped me shoot it so if you see a cool shot it's probably one of his!...and it's Mary's birthday today so be sure to hitup their blog and wish her a happy birthday!

Also, I love this first image. I used the "Paint Scratch" texture from the Swiss Rough Pack for this one!

I also wanted to point out how much nicer it is to simply click through a Showit Web slideshow that is embedded into a blog rather than scroll down to view 30 pictures or so. Personally it makes me kinda dizzy to keep scrolling down to see all the pictures that photographers put in their post so if you have Showit Web save people from getting nausious and embed a show or a gallery rather than making a mile long post to scroll through. :)


Chris Humphreys said...

Amazing as usual!

I loved your detail shots in this wedding!

kennykimdotcom said...

That's a great idea DJ. I guess you were referring to my blog when you commented about this. :-)

I didn't realize u can do that with ShowIt Web. I'll try it out. Thanks!

Great photos by the way!

|| davidjay || said...

haha! don't be silly Kenny! You know I love your blog!

I have noticed that most blogs are a big long string though and I do get dizzy after scrolling through a few so give it a try and see if you like it. Might be easier to use Showit Web too!

Mary Marantz said...

aww, how lovely are you!? thank you so much...I had an awesome birthday! you're the best!


Fed said...

Hey DJ, Great as usual! Showit is so much better on blogs that's all I'm using now for my photos even trips out with the family are getting showits. Just one thing, I know the bride and groom must know yet I was wondering what was the picture of the spices about?

Sarah Renée said...

I def. agree about the first image, I really like the paint scratch texture! It gives a great, natural/less digital sort of feel to it.

A Boston Bride said...

Wicked Awesome DJ! I can't pick a favorite from these... but I loved, loved, loved the veil blowing in the wind and the bride with the girls!!! You rock!

elyssa said...

she's a gorgeous bride...and you still do some amzing work. love the shot of them in the car...great angle and pov.