Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yea Bruno!

One of my new friends Bruno Mayor had his brother Frederic Mayor make this video from the photo shoot we did around Paris on the first day of the workshop and it's so awesome! We had a blast taking pictures at all these different spots! Check it out!


|| davidjay || said...

btw - You can't see some of the flashes firing because they flashed inbetween the video frames. Kinda crazy how fast a flash is.

Carole Foret said...

DJ--awesome video! Thank you for sharing! That group of folks looks so much fun abd that couple is simply darling. Do they all know Enlish pretty well? I didn't hear much French except a "That lewks bewti-ful!" haha. Hope you're having an awesome time!

Simon Terry said...

David, I regularly check your blog, your candid style makes for really enjoyable reading.

I have a question about the video: Where you have an assistant holding up the flash with the PocketWizard, is that a 580EX modified to connect to the PW?

Enjoy the city of lights (and the food!)

Lisa said...

that was fun-
traveling is the best-
have a blast

Kevin Von Qualen said...

WOW! I want to attend a David Jay conference in Paris!

I didn't even think about the flash with the frame rate...I was wondering why I didn't see the flash!

Hey, safe travels Dj, hope you are doing awesome :)

Matt Ramos said...

A great video, and love to see ya more in action. I also really liked your ideas on "letting the couple settle in a bit," which is something I think we all often forget in the heat of the moment!

I'd love to hear in future vids more about your technique and maybe some of the settings with flash, etc that you use and show the outcome..... overall, great stuff!!!


Martin Hogeboom said...

Great to see you in action DJ!!! I hope your next European workshop will be in Holland or Germany! :-)

And @ Simon Terry: You can connect a PW to a 580EX with an adapter, I use a Kaiser 1301 for that... Works greatt!

janelle lynn photography said...

Loved seeing you in action.
*sigh* I wish I lived in Paris. ;-)

Paige Kearin said...

Awesome Video.

Jayson said...

Hey DJ,

Absolutely loved the video. Thanks for sharing. I will be praying that you have a safe trip back.

aboutimage said...

Great video -- Great David Jay :)

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to seen you in action.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thank you for coming visit us in France.
I hope you'll be able to come back soon!

Holritz Photography said...

That shot of you with that huge group of photographers - had to make you feel incredible!

Good for you!

- Nathan

jason groupp said...

David - fun video! Not only are you faster than a video camera - you dont need a lens hood on your camera. The flare is too bright for you! :)

I'm jealous - those city streets look so beautiful!

Safe travels home. said...


I am not sure if you will get this comment, hope you do. I just want to say one thing, I am doing a shoot in 24 hours for the Inland Empire Music Awards and just by watching this short little clip, I learned a few tips and tricks! I will put them to use for sure...

Thank you very much, this is super cool. I really have so much passion for the art of photography it's koo koo.

Man, it really looks like your having a memory of a life time over there... sweet.

Say I just bought your ShowIT Web and love it! - By the way, I am even a ProShow user too, another slide show tool but yours is much different in many ways including the backend, I now use ShowIT Web for all my web shows and ProShow for custom DVD work.

Have fun in Paris....

Show us more video!


ModernPics said...
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Pascual Rico said...

Hi David. I want to know how you can trigeer your flash with a pocket wizard.

Can you show us a little explenation of how you can do it?
And if is possible to shoot with several Canon 580EX.
And what model of pocket wizard do you use?

Please do a video to explain how it's done. lol (kidding)
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the clip on your Paris trip, great stuff. At one point I saw one of the guys helping you with the off-camera flash and your Pocket Wizard seemed "attached" to the flash itself. Is there a way you're binding them together?

Thanks for sharing the experience!