Saturday, January 13, 2007

The north pole

The north pole
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Actually this is Denver but it was minus 7 degrees here this morning.

I went outside and my heart stopped beating...but I am safe now.

I'm on my way to the PPA show in Texas and am so excited to see a bunch of you there!

Stay warm,


Kevin Meyers said...

Hah! That "but I'm safe now" part cracked me up! Nice to see your still kickin after that experience. :)

Unknown said...

Sweet, didn't know you were coming. Where you staying?

Anonymous said...

LOL....You should try a stop in northern Minnesota, then you will know what cold is. Not that it has been too bad the last few years, but I have had to work out side in minus 50 below (that is without the wind chill). Now that is cold.

-Eric Koch

JamPlugs said...

Sounds like someone has way too much money ; )

JamPlugs said...

Gee, Looks like somebody has a little too much money ; )

Anonymous said...

i tried to run outside when it was 25 degrees. i seriously know what you mean about your heart stopping!