Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trianon palace

Trianon palace, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

The original plan was that after the workshop we were going to go and stay in Paris for a couple of days but for some reason I really associate cities with work. I think it's because whenever I go to a big city like new York or LA it's always for work and so when i'm not working I like to get away from the pace of the city and that's one of the reasons I love living in Santa Barbara. I always tell people that I go home for vacation. :)

So yesterday I convinced Vanessa to stay outside the city at this old palace called the Trianon Palace and it is sweet! I'm so glad we came here! ...and right next to my room there is a pasture with sheep grazing and yesterday we did nothing but walk around in the rain and then ordered food and watched a movie and today we are going to the spa. These are my favorite kind of days.

Tonight we are going to the disco so pray for me because I don't know how to dance. Sara France has been trying to teach me for years! I don't think it will be a problem though because the French men have taken a liking to Vanessa so i'm sure it'll be fun!

I've been taking lots of pictures and videos but haven't been on the computer much so I've been doing most of my posts from my phone but I'll be sure to put some up soon!



Please write me: said...

That is a pretty neat capture on the phone! Almost, lomoish, or Holga like. But please post some photos from your 'real' camera. Love to see some of those pictures!

Shyla said...

Dancing at a disco?!...seriously?? You have GOT to post pictures of that!!!

Michael Costa said...

Dancing huh? I seem to remember you telling me a lunch last week that clubbing was you personal hell hole! You must like this girl.... :)


Raya Carlisle said...

I second Calvin.Your phone camera takes pictures that look almost surreal..

Paige Kearin said...

I heard Vanessa can dance.