Thursday, January 11, 2007


....and still nice. ;)

I've had the treat of spending more time on OSP the last couple of weeks and I love it. You all are amazing!

This morning we reached a milestone of 3000 members! I'm super excited about 2007 but I'm kinda bummed I'm gonna miss you guys at OSP-W because I have a brooks workshop but we're gonna try and make up for it by having the first ever OSP-Euro "Dude!" It's gonna be sweet!


Anonymous said...

Congretulation for all you do for the photographers, OSP is a real great tool for every photographers.
I'm very happy to welcome you to Paris, see you soon!

Stacy Cross said...
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Stacy Cross said...

DJ - I hope you and everyone who will be in San Antonio will join us:

OKAY - Change of plans!!!!!!! For those of you who would like to meet up on SUNDAY night, we are going to go with all the folks at Imaging USA down to the River Walk at 7pm......we can decide then whether to stick with the group or go do our own thing. PLEASE get the word out about this change in plans - it sounds like Sunday will be best for people!!!

Not sure exactally where we'll meet yet, but I will keep yall posted

Deyl said...

who woulda thought you'd have so many friends this early in life :)

just kidding :) way to foster an amazing community! you're my hero

Unknown said...

Hey DJ, looking forward to hooking up with you for the OSP Euro(UK). Call me to finalise details soon please.

Hybrid Photography said...

awwww we'll miss you at OSP West!!! Too bad you can't stop by Friday or Thursday night even and say hi. :)

You teach those Brookies what's what. ;)

dcschmiddy said...


I'm living in Edinburgh, if you're in Europe, this city is worth checking out.

dave schmidgall

Chelsea Hudson said...

Anyone up for an OSP EURO in Berlin????? (please please??):)