Friday, July 14, 2006

Very Excited about these

So I was convinced by Missy and Gary to get this Verizon card and I love it but the new Macbook's have a smaller "Express slot" so I haven't been able to use it on my new computer but I guess they are releasing a new one very soon that will fit. It will save me so much money because I'll never have to pay for internet at hotels again which is like $11 a day and then sometimes I have to pay at the airport too.

Here are some pictures of the new Novatel V640 ExpressCard - does anybody have one yet? Looks like Verizon is supposed to have them by end of the week. Yea!


Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

We are sooo excited!!! We are getting a new Mac too...what great timing :)
Yes, those little travel costs sure add up. Thanks for posting the card, I almost forgot about it!!!


Rob Larson said...

Hey DJ...

I know this is coming from left field but thought you may find this article interesting since it is all about singles living the good life and not rushing into marriage. Check it out.

peace, rl

Sara France Photography said...

It looks so cute too! Very important! ;)

Melissa Carl said...

hey ... I was at Jess's house last week and we both needed to ftp and it was nice that I had the verizon card so I didn't screw with her ftping. Oh and when she wasn't ftping... I used both my PC and Mac to ftp stuff to Pictage... on the wireless internet in the house that she had and the verizon card. It was nice to have both running at once.