Monday, July 03, 2006

Crazy stuff

This morning I got up and cruised the streets because all around the hotel there are these street vendors and it's so cool to see what they're selling! Here is a video of a big dude with a fork trying to sell something and then some snake looking things in a bowl...crazy. :)

BigMan video

Snake things video



Deyl said...

what the heck are those snake things!?

Keats Elliott Photography said...

I think GROSS is the appropriate response to BOTH videos. So what DID you have for breakfast??? ewwww!

Sarah Barlow said...

So with all the cooking that you've been doing did you pick up some of those snake things to fry? yum!

Andrew Barlow said...

Hey DJ, I think that big dude needs to learn some of your marketing techniques... I don't think riding around on a bike with a big scary-looking fork, roaring at people is necessarily the best way to get your potential clients to purchase your products... you should have tried to sell him showit! lol He could have created a nice slideshow of pictures of his stuff... haha, just imagine it, walking through the market, and everone has their 17in macbook pro with their little slideshow playing... haha
DJ you could take over Italy!!!!
Haha jk... lol

Funny stuff though!

Jasmine said...

Deej, thanks for posting so many pictures and makes me feel like I'm right there with you! Have fun! :)
p.s. we missed you and Sara last night at dinner :(

|| davidjay || said...

The big man already had Showit Web...he said he really likes the music.

I did buy several of the snakes and they are currently in Brett and Sara's luggage. hehe...

mango said...

we call it anguille in enlish should be "americall eel"

hope this helps

Mango, Alfredo