Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pictures and Videos! Yea!

So yesterday we got up early and took a boat to Amalfi and it's amazing here! I love it! Here are some pictures from the boat!

...and Brett jammed on a fun video from the plane trip here! So be sure to checkout a new video at

I probably won't have email or internet for a couple of days...bummer...Miss you all though!


Shannon said...

Great photos DJ!! It looks like you are going to have beautiful weather. Ah good idea; stick to vespas on the island and not the death defying roads along the coast. Keep sending the videos and photos. Cheers

blaine said...

awesome new video!

Deyl said...

cool new video buddy! get in the water yet :)?

damian said...

great video man! lets see some more awesome pics!

take care

CoztheGrov said...

what video cam did you guys have with you?

sajini said...

hey there.. ran across your blog. I loved loved loved the Amalfi coast. My friends and I wenta couple of years back. We stayed in Ravello..