Monday, July 03, 2006

Today is July 1st in Italy!

...and that means it's my best friend Deyl's Birthday! Yea!!! I know it is July 3rd in the U.S. but it is Deyl's birthday here in Italy!

I love Deyl and he is the guy responsible for teaching me how to create freedom for my life and it's the biggest gift anyone could've given me. Several years ago after we closed up our video business together he started talking to me about passive income and how to get out of the "rat race" and now I'm doing my best to pass along what he's taught me and help other people get to the next level and create more freedom for their lives.

Getting to witness his wonderful marriage to his incredible wife Paige along with my own parents awesome marriage has given me two great examples to model my marriage after!

I can't wait to watch you continue on your success journey - you inspire me daily and your constant giving and lifting others up will take you anywhere you desire to go!

Much love!

p.s. I cannot send emails from Italy for some reason so I have 30 emails waiting to go out but I just can't send'em - it's weird. Sorry if you're waiting.


Deyl said...

That international date line thing is CRAZY! :)

Thanks so much buddy! Much love right back at ya!! You're an inspiration to us all!

Sarah Barlow said...

Wow....maybe I should dye my hair a little more red....
When you said it's July 1st I was like "Huh? It is!?" LOL....
I'm just as of my best friends called ME on her birthday and I'm like "Sooo what's up?" ...oops! AHH!! haha!

Happy Birthday Deyl!! :)

Scarlett Lillian // Jacksonville Senior Photographer said...

Happy Birthday Deyl! Thank you for pouring into David all these years because that in return has inspired a lot of us through him. p.s. I checked out the website for your wife's book in the works, I love it! How do we sign up to get a copy when it's done?

God bless,