Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shutters Wedding

So fun! I got to shoot with Shyla last weekend and we had sooo much fun with our new friend Trisha who's a coordinator down there. We must've spent 2 hours just playing around in the photobooth taking pictures of ourselves...many of which will hopefully never be viewed again...but Shyla posted a few fun ones on her blog and once I get a minute I'll scan some more in. :)

and of course the slideshow!


I'm off tomorrow morning for my first PUG in San Diego and I'm so excited because I just got the sweetest thing from one of my incredible programmers!!! I feel like it's Christmas and my birthday all wrapped up in one. Check back tomorrow!!!

Off to do laundry! yuck.


Sarah Barlow said...

Awesome slideshow!!! I LOVE the one with the sun in the background and them kissing!! WOW!
I saw the pics on Shlya's blog! um..wow! Hilarious! Looks like you all had a blast! :)

Dane Sanders said...

dude, you should come to the irvine/orange county pug tonight! i hear there's some dork speaking tonight but other than that it should be a blast ;).

|| davidjay || said...

As far as I know I'm not speaking there tonight...lol... I wish I could make it but I'm getting ready for heading to SD tomorrow! U rock!

amynave said...

Oh my, you guys are hilarious:) WAY TOOOO MUCH FUN:)

Have fun in San Diego:) Excited to see how the tour turns out:)

Holritz Photography said...

Hey you! This is good stuff :) I love it when you leave the images more natural :) Nice!

See you soon!


Jasmine said...

Deej! Looks like I'll be seeing you tomorrow for sure! JD and I are making a day of it and heading out there early because traffic from LA to SD isn't the prettiest of things during peak hours.
You're gonna rock!
p.s. I'll be the one waving the 20-foot banner and shaking pom-poms in the front row...you won't miss me ;)

c r y s t a l said...

Love the slideshow! Awesome stuff as always, DJ!

Good luck in San Diego!!

OKay, so now I'm heading over to Shyla's blog to check out some of these pictures. ;) hehe!

|| davidjay || said...

I miss everyone!!! Jasmine! I can't wait to see you and JD tomorrow! You two are incredible!

Dane Sanders said...

That OC guy was way dorkier than you bro :)! I hear SD was amazing. Can't wait to catch up soon. Have a great time at home.

Trisha said...

I love the pics... I feel honored to have made my debut appearance (but, not my last) on your blog. Sounds like you're having a blast in San Diego. You're amazing, it's true!