Friday, July 14, 2006

Learning and ClusterMap

ClusterMaps are so cool! I first saw this on Pastor Joe's blog and I was amazed to see in just the last month how wide spread the blog world gets!

I'm also very excited because while I was Italy I was talking with my buddy Brett about how he learns things so quickly. He has seriusly one of the most amazing minds I've ever come across and he can just look at something, even big programs like Flash or Final Cut Pro and figure it out in like a matter of hours and he said it's all about taking the extra time to understand what things mean and not just what they do.

This relates to me because for the past couple of years if I needed something to show up on the web or add a link into something I usually had to copy the code from a webpage or use a special feature and I was amazed that I was still doing that and he told me to actually look at each piece of the code and understand what it does and that'll help you remember so I did it and today for the first time ever I entered the HTML code to make that ClusterMap picture show up without having to go look for it and I was so excited. Thanks Brett! :)


Brett Austin said...

I'll tell you what is really amazing... is the fact that you remember stuff that would go in one of my ears rattle around in the empty space and leave out the other one! No way you remember me saying that. Now to me... that is a real gift!

And what is amazing beyond all of that... is that the picture actually shows up! :o)

amynave said...

I wanna learn how to do that:)

Anonymous said...

our house is probably one of those BIG bubbles because our whole family checks your blog sooooo much!!! lol