Monday, July 10, 2006

Italy wins - the Sequel

So Master Brett Austin has just finished up a fun little video from last night's celebration as well and you'll be able to see even more of the madness.

Watch for the screamin motorcycle to fly by and before that the balloon man's moped. Freakin hilarious!


See ya'll soon! We're almost home!!! Yea!


Deyl said...

Dude, you should have headbutted that guy that came too close on the moped!!

Kevin Von Qualen said...

haha, sweet!! everybody knows freddie mercury! you can hear "We are the champions, no time for losers"

Shannon said...

I love it!! The Italians sure know how to celebrate. i love the box of fireworks...great video boys. The great state of AZ is welcoming you in 9 days with hot temperatures, a tiny bit of humidity, afternoon monsoons and some great freinds! Get excited!!

Anonymous said... great for you to have been
there to celebrate with them....
that is something that you will
remember your whole life and tell
your grandchildren......sweet!!!!

Denise Neufeld

Melissa Jill :) said...

I really do give you credit, David for Italy's win. You seriously live such a charmed life--all the good stuff just follows you around :).

I'm looking forward to seeing you next Thurs. I'm sure something amazing will happen in Arizona while you're here :).