Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lotsa love!

I had a wonderful time shooting today and I just love Katie and Isaac! Isaac was a roommate of mine in college and Katie roomed with one of my ex-girlfriends so I got to know her pretty well and they're both just incredibly wonderful people.

Press the little triangle play button below to see the slideshow!


Sarah Barlow said...

Awesome slideshow!!!
Looks like such a beautiful place!
Thanks for keeping me awake last night!! LOL!!

Deyl said...

They both look better now than they did in college!

Leann said...

Great stuff!

Is that the standard template for that song, or did you re-work it?

Anonymous said...

Very nice, love the photos and the slideshow!

|| davidjay || said... bet Sarah! Glad you guys made it home safe! :)

Leann - yup - that's the free template for that song and all I did was change a few zooms to match the pictures. :)

Eddie Scheffer said...

he david you have a certain style
when shooting, but you change
it every time and fine tune it to get fresh results.....respect, respect!

Shyla said...

Great job as usual Deej!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work!!
Very cute couple!!

amynave said...

Awesome, awesome!!!! Very cute couple.
I really love the expressions that you captured:)

Glad you found your hill:)

Jim Cook said...

Awesome -- I see you are luvin the 5d!

Shot by Candy said...

Amazing work!! as always! thanks for sharing!!