Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Almost dead

We almost lost our friends Amy and Janey yesterday which would've been kind of a bummer.

I'll let them tell the story as soon as they're emotionally able to talk through the ordeal but here's a fun video of them and as you can see the boat got going too fast and they fell's hard to hang on when the boat gets over 2 mph but I shouldn't really talk because I didn't want to get in b/c the water was too cold.

*** CLICK HERE *** to see the video

and here's another video of Gary showing us the importance of safety on the lake.

*** CLICK HERE *** to see the video



Shyla said...

LOL... you guys are having too much fun :)

Amy and Janey, unlike DJ I would be more than "kind of" bummed if you please dont!

-Matt said...

Dear DavidJay & Mr. Gary Fong,

Please do not kill Ms. Amy & Ms. Janey. They seem purty nice.

Thank ye,

The rest of the world

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh man!!! Wow!! So glad their still alive!!! Although that video was really funny!

Anonymous said...

I hope it wasn't because of those 1970's life preservers.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Thats awesome!! Looks like you guys are having a stellar time!! Thank God they lived!:)

Miss ya!:)

bryanthomson said... guys have way to easy of a life to go tubing on a weekday. Did you guys go to Lake Castaic?

By all means don't kill anyone while you're having fun, that 'kind of kills' the fun and we'd all be very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

you should come by peachland via boat and say hi. We are at the big white house.

lizzy said...

WHAT! i am at work, so i can't watch the video... but i will when i get home. please don't die! i want to hang out with you guys again!

Sarah Barlow said...

Haha! We were looking through the pics on Gary's blog and Olivia goes "DJ got a new hat!! I like the blue one!" LOL!!!
Wow! She's just kinda observant....:)

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Janey's and Amy's parents would miss them. A lot.