Monday, June 26, 2006

We are almost there!!!


So we had a gnarly delay in Washington but it didn't really bother me because I got a lot done and got to chat with Keats about all sorts of fun stuff...and the two flights seemed like an hour each. It was amazing. I slept the whole way here expect for the time that Me and my copilot (Brett) were manning the plane (video coming)

The delay made me miss my flight to Paris so I missed the meeting I was supposed to have there so that means it's all vacation now! haha...just kidding! We're gonna be cranking on stuff everyday and we'll be posting it up for sure. more flight to go....yea! :)


Deyl said...

you woulda got there faster in my little boat!

Anonymous said...

For our meeting in Paris, hope you could coming another time !
As soon as your schelude let you go to our Country !
You are always our "invité" !
Nice to meet you soon.