Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I miss my friends!

Before I left for France my friend JT Pals came to stay at my place for a few days and he hooked up my desktop and laptop so that I can do work on my home computer from the road and it's amazing! ...and when I logged in to upload some files for my web designer I saw this fun picture of my friends from the PUG group last night! Amy Nave, who has been a life saver for me handling all my album designs, ran the group and it looks like they had so much fun! I wish I could've been there with ya'll!!!

...and I just clicked over to Amy's blog and saw that they totally cleaned my place and she has the funniest post! My friends are incredible! That's Amy & Janey & JT - I love them.

...and here's THE VIDEO from after the France game that Sara France just posted on her blog


Deyl said...

you rock man! we missed you at carne asada taco night too :)

amynave said...

DJ, we really had fun cleaning your place. I wish you could have been there, you would have died laughing. Oh ya, you have a lot of Starbucks coffee bags, do you collect those? Don't forget to grab your room keys so you can stick them on your fridge:) Oh ya, and if you can't find somthings when you get home, I may have moved them:) hehe.... miss ya too....

P.S. Deyl, happy birthday, and I'm sorry I coldn't make it last night. Paige told me about it,but we didn't get out of our meeting till really late.

JeffersonTodd said...

We really missed you last night, but that didn't stop us from having fun.

Hopefully the dust won't settle too much before you get home and it will still all look clean.

Deyl- I'm up for carne asada tacos any night!