Thursday, June 22, 2006

Alive Slideshow!

Here are some more pics that I threw together in a little slideshow! :D

Also...please don't send me emails about discriminating against the guy artists...I would have shot guys but it just so happend that the day I was there happened to be the same day that mostly girls were playing.


***CLICK HERE!!!*** for the SLIDESHOW!



Keats Elliott Photography said...

Amaaaaazing! I got goose bumps watching the slide show -- I can hardly imagine what it must have felt like to be there. You really captured the EMOTION and the POWER! Amaaaazing!

PhotOle said...

dj, your always getting the best shots. i guess thats y i look up to u. ur always keepin it real.

Sarah Barlow said...

Wow!!! Awesome shots DJ!!! Your hired! hehe!! :)

MarkGalligan said...

Wow dj you always have the best shots!! i jusy booked my first wedding today!!!! You are my inspiration! Keep it up

Melissa Carl said...

awww... you made me miss shooting there. Now I am so bummed I can't be there!!!

Nice shots. Cute shot of Kathy and Kenzie!!!

Hope you had fun.

Antonio Saucedo said...

Good job DJ, great pics.
Do you know the title of the last song in your slideshow and is she Rebeca? because I liked
From México