Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chef DJ

Well I must admit the days seem longer without OSP and I am as eager as all of you to be able to open it back up and have us all back together again.

Tonight I did something I've truly never done in this apt - I cooked. I actually didn't even know that I had a pan but I found a brand new one tucked away and with the help of Trader Joe I cooked up some Sweet and Sour Shrimp w/ rice. It was very good although I think I overcooked it a little bit because it said to cook it for 4 1/2 minutes and then mix in the special souce and cook for another 30 seconds but when the timer hit 4:30 I tried to add in the special souce that had been unthawing under the sink and I realized that it wasn't in one of those easy tear open bags and I had to go find a pair of scissors to cut it open because I don't have any knives.

It also requested that I use some sort of spray to put on the pan but I didn't have that either so I used this butter stuff that's called Country Crock and it worked great!

I miss you all!


Holritz Photography said...

Thanks for the laugh!!!!

Miss you tons.

See you in July!


Anonymous said...

While I'm waiting for OSP to reopen, could I have a glass of that Syrah, or maybe a bit of the Cab. I could use a drink.

Oh, and it's probably not a good idea to put the tub 'o Country Crock on top of the stove. Bachelors. ; )

The Alpha Course said...

Your getting there DJ - keep trying!!

What's the next recipe?

I'm guessing you're gonna get loads of commenst on your blog whilst OSP is down.

Sarah Barlow said...

Wow DJ! Getting domestic there!!
Looks good! Trader Joe's rocks!!
hmm...thanks for the gift idea...knives?? lol!

Bruce Mayhill said...

Hey there DJ! Good job on the eats. Perhaps one of these days I will find my way up to S.B. and help guide you in your culinary quests. I have helped many-a-bachelor become very good cooks.

It would be a pleasure. YUMMY!!

And Sarah is right, "Trader Joe's Rocks!"

Anonymous said...

careful dj,

you are already really, really, really goodlooking, talented, charismatic, successful, ect...

when the ladies find out you can cook too, they'll be camped out on your doorstep.

from your very straight friend,

[ b ]

Leann said...

LOL about the Trader Joe's food!

I can't wait for OSP to open back up... but on the up side, at least I've got time to edit the stuff I got at OSP-Indy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah DJ, now you should apply for the next season of "Hell's Kitchen"

I'm quite sure they've never thought of using Country Crock for their wok oil :)

Anonymous said...

LOL about [b]'s signature line.

It's hilarious that you think you over cooked the shrimp for about 15 extra seconds. DJ you should plan a trip with one of your girl friends or all of them to go shopping for all your cookware, supplies (knives, cooking spray, etc), and spices.

After you take care of all that, I'm sure that all the girls from SB and nearby cities will be lined up right outside your door.

Mothers should really teach their sons to cook. My mother never taught my brother how to cook, and he lived 3 years on Cup Noodles and Ramen Noodles.

You're doing great DJ!

Heidi (Brownstown, PA)

Deyl said...

I cooked that for Paige on Monday night! although, since its pretty small and i had to split it with her, i ended up eating a bunch of leftover steak :)

Anonymous said...

Woah. Look at all that wine!! Good to know you are covered in case of an emergency!!

Dani Malott

Chris Humphreys said...

Dude, I totally make that same thing from Traders all the time! That's so funny I recognized it as soon as I saw the picture!! LOL!

|| davidjay || said...

Good ideas everyone! :) Cooking is actually kinda fun and sorta therapeutic. I think I might try it again sometime.

I really like the tip of putting the wine in the pan because I get so much wine for gifts and from the local wineries and actually I just met my new neighbors and they own a new winery in SB so I'm sure that I'll have even more around.

Jasmine said...

Okay, so when Amber is down in SB, what if we have a get-together and crack open a few of those bottles :)

Tim Co. said...

oh I totally thought the same thing and went running for scissors too the first time I made I think that same exact thing lol. Keep the fun dj cooking stories coming man!

Anonymous said...

I suddenly have all this... what do you call it... spare time? Please get the forum back up! I can't take it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. The food looks great!

Get the wine away from the stove!! Heat+wine=bad.

Anonymous said...

... can't wait until you're back up. Besides having many questions piling up I owe many thanks to those who offered their prayers including you DJ. Thank you much OSP.
BTW... for some reason I'm craving shrimp tonight...

Liana said...

mmm... making me hungry!

food = therapy indeed :) now what u REALLY need to do is let me hook u up with my friends food, wine, chocolate, cheese tastings/classes next time you're in the ATL... wowaaa... talk about PUREEEE HEAAAAVEN. words and pictures do not do justice to such an experience.

And yeah...get that wine away from the stove unless you're pouring it in!!

Raya Carlisle said...


You need a woman.

Raya Carlisle said...
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craig said...

Those TJ stir-fry packs are great for a quick meal. I bought a big bag of frozen stir-fry veggies at Costco and I add a couple of handfuls to the TJ mix when I make it. I think the meal is too small for two and the sauce is a bit much unless more veggies are added.

Master the art of cooking and women will camp out on your doorstep like [b]ecker said.

amynave said...

You are such a homemaker. Too funny. When I saw this post I died laughing:)

Shyla said...

LOL!!! I laughed too Aims!
I am VERY proud of you DJ.

Butter + stove = BAD IDEA
Wine + Heat = BAD IDEA
Cooking to get women = INGENIOUS!

haha...You are truly a mastermind Deej! ;)

c r y s t a l said...

You are too kind and flattering and making me blush!!!

You're buttering me up for my sister aren't you?!!!???

hahaahahaha!!! ;)

mark eric said...

I sense new products brewing in DJ's mind:

Darn, is already taken.

J@KE said...

DJ, I really don't know what's wrong with these people..... You don't NEED cooking to get girls to line up at your door. lol.

Oh well, glad you're learning anyway. It's good to know, girls or no girls.

It's true, heat+wine=bad and
anything+Country Crock totally=BAD

I agree with everone who suggested moving the wine; maybe you could get a wine-rack for it. Just go with good old butter next time. All those sprays and stuff all got wierd stuff in them but butter is just butter.

Anonymous said...

Who cares that it might explode...that composition is all wrong!

Anonymous said...

Hey DJ, throw out the Country Crock and try real butter. So what's for dinner tonight?!

Nichole, I'm PC so I can't read your PM.

It was so fun meeting everyone in Indy. A great big "THANK YOU" to Nate and KC for pulling this all together. Oh, and just a side note, it you ever find yourself even remotely close to Zionsville IN, you must stay at the Brick Street Inn. Great choice KC!