Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Sweet - Techcrunch just announced (again) that Facebook said they were gonna lift the friend limit. They announced this a year ago and it didn't happen so hopefully this is real. Facebook is a phenomenal tool and it keeps getting better. I love how two directional it is and they are working to make it more "real-time"

All this to say don't spend too much of your life on there. Get out and be with people in person! It's way better. :)


Ginger Murray said...

Mark Zuckerberg is a freaking genius for acting on his ideas.

I always have facebook up while I'm working during the day-- I love knowing what people are up to while I'm exporting images or something. I've had people say, "You're always on facebook--it's crazy!" I'm not just sitting there for hours on it every day, haha!! I just have it open in another window. I've booked probably 8-9 weddings because of facebook. Otherwise, there would be fewer people/friends who know I'm a wedding photographer.

And it's definitely a great connecting tool too! I've met up with a few people in the last month simply because facebook makes it so easy for us to get in contact with each other and set up a meeting!

Unknown said...

amen! I mean, yay to facebook at well - its been an AWESOME tool... but you are SO right... meeting those same people in person is just a whole different level. love it! :)