Friday, March 20, 2009

Catalyst SB

In the last couple of years I've been through some big ups and downs. Such is the life of an entrepreneur but I'm super stoked to share some of what I've learned next week with a group called Catalyst which is in place to promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and philanthropy for entrepreneurs and professionals.

It's a group for business owners and entrepreneurs and is going to be very different from the audience (and presentation) I'm used to because it's not photography related. Pretty much the entire night is Q&A and I have no idea the questions that are gonna come up but it's gonna be fun!

Click here and sign up b/c it's only 10 bucks and it's almost full ... all the proceeds go to Opportunity International.


Ginger Murray said...

That sounds really fun! I used to be a member of IABC (International Assoc. of Business Communicators), and they'd put on a Minneapolis get together-- it's a great opportunity to get together with people who aren't in the same business and hear some speakers on Marketing/Communication/Business/etc. I love lectures.

I'm sure people will be inspired by you. Congrats on getting to speak!

Letters To The Other Woman said...

God bless you in your many ventures DJ, you are always inspiring!!

L Brown said...

wish i could be there! i bet SB is so oooo much warmer than tahoe right now :) bonne chance DJ!
xoxo, Lauren