Friday, October 31, 2008

This is Spooky!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm having some friends over for a murder mystery tonight which I'm really excited about and my Friend Deyl is crazy with his latest blog post! He'll donate $10 for EVERY blog comment if you watch the video about this organization!!! So go to his blog right now and watch the video and comment about it!

He's involved in this incredible organization called Opportunity International which does microcredit stuff. They are a heavy hitter across the world lending out millions and millions to small entrepreneurs. Most of you who read my blog are entrepreneurs and so you can understand what these other small businesses go through and having an organization like Opportunity International helping them out is literally the difference between life and death a lot of times.


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michelle ford said...

i always wanted to host a murder mystery dinner. sounds like fun. how'd it go?