Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Joan Sherwood Bike Commuting!

My friend Joan Sherwood from Professional Photographer magazine has been doing the amazing thing of bike commuting! She's done over 1000 miles since she started and I love this! We all can do something to help the earth and to help ourselves.

Joan accomplished a bunch of things by biking:

1. Saved the Earth
2. Saved money on Gas
3. Helped cut down on crazy Atlanta traffic
4. Got her day started right with some exercise
5. Tested out her new camera!

So CLICK HERE and go to her blog and give her some props for doing this!


Ginger Murray said...

6) A sore butt??

I will go leave Joan mad props. That is incredible.

Bobby Earle said...

Lindsay would have said the same thing, Ginger! Girls all think alike :)

|| davidjay || said...

but then again so do guys bobby! :P

Tim Halberg said...

my bike isn't good for riding long distances... that's why I work from home ;-)

Ginger Murray said...

I work from home so I can sit on my butt.

(LOL.. totally kidding, obviously:))