Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sites LIVE Q&A was rocking!

Here is the video from today's live chat and there were a total of 464 that logged in! So fun! We're definitely doing more of this! I had a blast and I am posting a string of all the comments and questions in the box below. :)


|| davidjay || said...

11:43 ustreamer-57363 : no not yet
11:43 ustreamer-57363 : I really want a calendar
11:43 ustreamer-98247 : Me too
11:43 ustreamer-23586 : What about an FTP pricate gallery for
proofing for clients
11:43 Ryan-8362 : On my other website I have one line of code that
keeps my email address safe.
11:43 Marianne-4244 : shopping cart ?
11:43 ustreamer-8986 : Calendar option would be cool!
11:43 ustreamer-23983 : calendar!
11:44 ustreamer-12870 : will the email form allow for Adwords
Conversion Tracking?
11:44 ustreamer-23586 : Special URL would replace the FTP need -- good idea
11:44 fed_j : embedding html or javascript would be nice for tweeter
feeds, and widgets would be nice
11:44 ustreamer-78359 : are you able to have two different websites
through showit sites?
11:44 Ryan-8362 : Any plans to integrate with Smugmug? I heard this
somewhere but can not remember where.
11:45 ustreamer-10978 : 78359 - just one site for now
11:45 tiraj : yay for smug mug!!!
11:45 fed_j : Sweet!
11:45 ustreamer-98247 : How did you get that flash picture slideshow
thing on that home page?
11:45 Marianne-4244 : did you talk about doing blogs through sis?
11:46 ustreamer-55237 : awesome
11:46 ustreamer-8986 : How about running through having multiple
versions of your site. I would like to develope version 2 of my site
while still hosting version1.
11:46 ustreamer-23586 : How did you do your site? Any tips?
11:46 ustreamer-98247 : I am so glad he's doing this while my kid is
taking a nap
11:46 Ryan-8362 : Awesome! I use Smugmug as well as Showit! Timeframe?
11:47 ustreamer-78359 : so you can't even pay to have an additional
site at this point?
11:47 ustreamer-2083 : You can have multiple sites at different domain names
11:47 ustreamer-2083 : you have to pay for multiple accounts
11:47 ustreamer-2083 : you just register again with different emails
11:47 ustreamer-78359 : right on, thanks
11:48 ustreamer-2083 : (click on site>logout to get to the login-logout area)
11:48 ustreamer-68810 : any plans for shortcut keystrokes for
repetitive actions?
11:48 ustreamer-68810 : for example adding a new group or page etc
11:48 ustreamer-98247 : Thank you. I was not sure what that was called
11:48 Marianne-4244 : were blogs mentioned before i got here or no?
11:49 ustreamer-21791 : What kind of repetitive actions?
11:49 ustreamer-71300 : can i use smugmug to do proofing and order
prints through whcc or do i have to use their lab? a little confused.
11:49 BarbLattin : How do we create a private gallery? Sorry to keep
on this subject, just haven't seen this.
11:49 ustreamer-23586 : thanks for your generosity. Continually
addin features is so appreciated.. You ROCK!
11:49 Marianne-4244 : yay blogs!
11:49 ustreamer-8986 : What is the proper use for the versions of
your site? I want to develope a new site with the origional is still
11:49 ustreamer-55237 : yay yay
11:50 DustinMeyer : finally, thanks DJ!
11:50 BarbLattin : Looking forward to blogs!
11:50 ustreamer-73608 : Any idea of when the blogs are coming?
11:50 Marianne-4244 : So excited for blogs and forms
11:50 DustinMeyer : drumroll
11:51 ustreamer-68810 : rather than a series of mouse clicks
11:51 Marianne-4244 : you're so innovative
11:51 Marianne-4244 : :p
11:51 DustinMeyer : lol
11:51 ustreamer-78359 : nice
11:51 ustreamer-55237 : sweet
11:51 ustreamer-68810 : if you know that cmd X is to add a new style
group or duplicate a page etc
11:51 DustinMeyer : you mentioned something about Couture Books integration?
11:51 ustreamer-68810 : did anyone mention anything about file
downloads eg downloading a contract
11:52 Marianne-4244 : oh yeah, can we use whcc or prodpi with smugmug?
11:52 ustreamer-21791 : If you add a file(contract) into Sites... you
can get to it at your domain.
11:53 ustreamer-21791 :
11:53 ustreamer-72682 : You're a blessing, Jay, to us, to all you
help. I work from laptop and main workstation both mac. What if I
need to reformat my HD on the laptop where show-it sites is now - can
I export my settings - and load to main workstation?...I think it's
hard drive specific, right? thx, Nadia
11:53 BarbLattin : website/#privatename ?
11:53 Marianne-4244 : I think you can load fro mwhatever is online
11:54 ustreamer-68810 : thanks 21791
11:54 ustreamer-89668 : what up dude! it's dk
11:54 ustreamer-73608 : Thank you so much! You are awesome for a
beginning photographer!
11:54 ustreamer-89668 : you're a freakin stud
11:54 ustreamer-55237 : website/#/privatename
11:54 ustreamer-8986 : It is not hard drive specific 72682
11:54 ustreamer-24175 : thanks dj..
11:54 ustreamer-98247 : thanks for all you help. Im out- Dawn
11:54 ustreamer-89668 : when can i beat you in wii golf again?
11:54 DustinMeyer : Couture Books integration?
11:55 ustreamer-16160 : thanks DJ-planning on anymore workshops or tours????
11:55 ustreamer-23983 : GIVE ME A SHOUT OUT! ERIC BARKER
11:55 ustreamer-71300 : thanks dj you're the best!
11:55 Marianne-4244 : haha
11:55 ustreamer-98247 : i think eric want you to say his name
11:56 ustreamer-50908 : can we embed our own html or java?
11:56 BarbLattin : Thanks, 55237! :D
11:56 ustreamer-55237 : no prob ;)
11:57 ustreamer-89668 : can i add things like my nike plus widget so
people can see how i school you in running?
11:57 ustreamer-78359 : being able to auto-lock by just clicking one
button would be nice. none of this top, bottom, right, left stuff.
11:57 Marianne-4244 : yeah
11:57 ustreamer-55237 : agreed
11:57 ustreamer-71300 : yes, html embedding?
11:57 Marianne-4244 : bye! have a good day
11:57 DustinMeyer : thanks DJ
11:57 tiraj : Thanks again DJ for all you are doing for us! ROCK ON!
11:57 dzpics : Very cool. Thanks for doing this.
11:57 BarbLattin : Thanks so much, DJ! This has been super useful!! :-D
11:57 ustreamer-55237 : thank you
11:57 ustreamer-68810 : thanks on the contract issue there dude
11:58 Marianne-4244 : yay blogs and better smugmug and forms! :p
11:58 ustreamer-78907 : thanks
11:58 Ryan-8362 : Looking forward to the next chat! Thanks DJ!
11:58 ustreamer-71300 : thanks dj!!
11:58 DustinMeyer : my clients love their custom client sites
11:58 LeslieAustin : Thank rock!!!
11:58 LeslieAustin : I hope you do this again!
11:59 ustreamer-16160 : Brittney in Utah: come and see us
again..soon. tell Shyla HI!
12:00 ustreamer-21791 : Make sure to log out if your on some random computer!!
12:00 ustreamer-72682 : Awesome, DJ - great're so
smart...helps tons...xo
12:00 ustreamer-78907 : Adibe Air is LEGIT... thanks for using that
in your program
12:00 ustreamer-78907 : gret access worldwide
12:00 ustreamer-98247 : I would love it if dj would come to my house
and sit down and look at my stuff and fix it
12:00 DustinMeyer : i've been teaching everyone in Austin to use your stuff
12:01 BarbLattin : Will there be more people helping with questions,
other than Andrew? :-P
12:01 tiraj : ummm great trial!
12:01 Marianne-4244 : i think dj should randomly turn on his ustream
and say random stuff so when we sign onto osp there he is!
12:01 DustinMeyer : DJ Geeks!
12:01 tiraj : can we have SIS Camp?
12:01 Marianne-4244 : ooo SIS camp!
12:01 ustreamer-78907 : DJ... Smile for the camera... give us s GRIN :) :D
12:01 ustreamer-71300 : yes, camp!!
12:01 ustreamer-68810 : Thanks DJ.....Graeme from Trinidad OUT!
12:01 ustreamer-78359 : thanks DJ
12:01 DustinMeyer : can we have bunk beds?
12:02 Marianne-4244 : haha
12:02 tiraj : that was fun
12:02 Marianne-4244 : mhmm
12:02 DustinMeyer : and smores?
12:02 Marianne-4244 : i wonder wheres hes getting breakfast. hunt for dj!
12:02 tiraj : Eric Barker, I am going to email you with some questions.
12:02 ustreamer-23983 : sure
12:02 DustinMeyer : for anyone with questions.
I love to help
12:02 tiraj : Thanks Dustin
12:02 LeslieAustin : Thanks Dustin
12:03 DustinMeyer : no problem. take care everyone... forms, yay!
12:03 LeslieAustin : I'm out....bye all!
12:03 DustinMeyer : bye leslie
12:03 leahfruth : Thanks!
12:04 tiraj : Dustin, your site rocks

Anonymous said...

Man, you even posted the script. Nice!! Once again, thanks for providing this. It's helps a lot.

Jalene Nichole said...

Ugh I can't believe I missed this?!?! And I was off today! Do you ever post a schedule of when you'll be doing these live events? Because I checked your blog today and watch the live one with Deyl yesterday, which I was also off of work and could have caught live :( and then when I came back around to the blog later this afternoon it looks like I missed this one also. If there is a schedule or a "Heads-up" listed somewhere that I'm missing cause I feel pretty bummed I missed them both.

But on a lighter side, thanks for posting them so I can watch them! These are defintely valuable sessions I don't want to miss!

Rodolfo Arpia said...

Dude, it was great to see you doing this live at the Freedom House!

Tira J said...

DJ, this was very helpful, as last night, I was able to play round with my site some more. Still have questions. Keep doing these when you have time, because it was GREAT!

Chris Ball said...

DJ, Thanks for loading this (and the script), absolutely fantastic. My clients adore their micro-sites (which I link to proof thro' smugmug)and I'm loving making my web presence better everytime I'm online. Sweet! Long live Showit Sites.

Alan B. said...

David. Can you please record these things for replay by folks who can't make the live event? I'm feeling a bit lost here reading the chat without any of the real information. THANKS