Friday, July 25, 2008

Showit Sites

I can't even begin to tell you all how excited I am about Showit Sites.

Just the other day I was making a change to my website and dragging some new pictures on there and I was just blown away b/c this has never been possible before! To be able to drag and drop and make changes to a website and to make it totally unique is like a dream come true for me and I know for many others as well.

We just officially launched today and we already have 60 people signed up (not to mention our Lifers who we owe so much to!) and over 2000 people using the tool! It's insane!

I'm really stoked that we have so many web designers signed up and I love that we were able to launch a tool and create jobs for other people as well! I think people like Nick Haskins and JT Pals and many others are gonna make a huge splash designing Style Groups for people and helping photographers create a website that can be totally different!

...and if you want to check out what Showit Sites can do for you download a free copy for a month and you can instantly have a site up using our included Style Groups. Watch this video to see more about them.


Matt Dorroh said...

Rock on man! I'm loving my Showit Site :)

Deyl said...

i think we make up all 3 of the real estate users :)

its gonna be huge!

JeffersonTodd said...

Showit Sites is unbelievable and is going to entirely change the face of flash website building. I love a web tool that allows me to be a designer with no need for programming knowledge!

Keep up the work, and definitely let your team know they're doing a great job!