Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Deyl

Yesterday was my best friend Deyl's birthday but he was traveling back from spending two months doing a house-swap in Spain. Yea - isn't that awesome. He and his fabulous wife Paige traded their house for some spanish dude's house for two months!

Deyl is the guy who first turned me onto the idea of "passive income" and we used to listen to all of Robert Kiyosaki's cd's while printing pictures in the darkroom. It took about 8 years of Deyl's chirping before I began to understand how to escape the self imposed "rat race" and create freedom in my life and I'm forever grateful to him for that.

We got to skype while he was in spain and here he is chilling on the porch in Spain.

Deyl - you da man! Thanks for being such an inspiration!


Megan said...

haha.. love the screenshot. priceless.

Bobby Earle said...

Deyl is the man! His blog turned me on to couchsurfing!!!

Tyler Jorgenson said...

That screen shot is so perfect. Is there gonna be a Freedom House party for Deyl?

kennykimdotcom said...

deyl's the man. If you ran for the president, he'd be your perfect bodyguard. :) happy birthday deyl!

Sublime Studios said...

Hey David! I have a question and the only way I know to ask is on here. I am looking for a auto drop album designing software program. Kevin Kuboto's program really only does single page layouts.. but as we all know, album companies like Finao and Graphi want 2 page spreads. I am looking for something that is easy and quick. Is there anything out there that will run on a Mac? Any help would be GREAT!


Deyl said...

first of all, they were kiyosaki tapes, not cds :)

second of all, you're the man because it's one thing to "chirp" for 8 years like I did, it's another thing to put it all into action like you have!!

thanks for your friendship buddy!!

Melissa Carl said...

I think the moment it all sunk in for you was when you were at Big White in the White Crystal property and you looked over Gary's computer at his statements. A light went off in your head! Way to go Deyl for planting the seed!

It's awesome to see how much your business has grown since that day. You rock dude!

|| davidjay || said...

Very true Missy! I nearly wet my pants when Gary showed my that!

Ginger Murray said...

haha!... TAPES not CDs:)

Spain for two months! That's awesome.

You guys are an inspiration to so many people..