Monday, March 03, 2008

We made it to Germany

We made it to Germany, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

.... Now what?!?

Haha...seriously I didn't make any reservations or anything. I don't
give my presentation until Saturday morning so we have some time to
bop around. If you remember the last time I didn't make any
reservations I spent the night in a bathroom in Switzerland! It was a
nice bathroom though. Hopefully that doesn't happen this time! LOL.

I just figured out that I have literally flown 17 hours in the past 2
days! I flew home from Ohio and was only there for 12 hours before
hopping on the plane to Germany and my dear asst. Crystal will be
happy to know that we did get our upgrades!!! Yea! She spent hours
upon hours working on getting us business class seats which typically
cost $6k (which I refuse to pay cash for so we always have to work the
system) and it makes all the difference in the world! This is my
fourth gig in Europe since last January and I've managed to work out
business or first class seats everytime without spending a dime on
them. :)

Oh yea...I got my new LuLuLemon pants back from the tailor on my
"layover" in SB and WOW I can't believe I've ever worn anything else!
They are black pin striped and the most stellar travel pants ever!

More fun to come...


George Natis said...

Hey DJ,

in case you won´t find anything,we got a small guest room :) I am located near Frankfurt ;)

George Natis said...

>Wrong Blog Profile,<

Another try :

Hey DJ,

in case you won´t find anything,we got a small guest room :) I am located near Frankfurt ;)

itsystitch said...

LuluLemon rocks. I have the best yoga pants from Lulu. I hope ya get an upgrade to the airport bathroom!

Nicole E Wolf said...

I have a photographer friend that used to work for me, she lives in Heidleburg, in case you both need a place to crash! Don't hesitate to ask!

Be safe!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Congratulations on the new pants.

Chris Humphreys said...

Dude, can you give a workshop/seminar on how to "work the system" so you get those free upgrades to first class?

Forget the "freedom" crap... this is info people actually need to know!! LOL! :) (just kiddin)

jamiedelaine said...

I hate flying coach: totally jealous of your first class flights. :) Oh and Lululemon is the bomb. Not only do they have amazing clothes (their hoodies are to die for) but two business students from VANCOUVER started it about ten years ago. Awesome.

I'm Kristen said...

Oh FUN! I hope you guys have an insanely marvelous time!!!

Steve Goldhaber said...

I love LuLu Lemon gear! I actually was pimped out in it on a flight to South Africa and it was awesome! I actually wore it a lot on the Safari I was on as well. Be warned though... you'll soon be buying more clothes from them. It becomes an addiction.

Gary Fong, Author said...

yay! I LOVE my Lululemon pants but do yours smell kind of like - rubber?

David Leung said...
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David Leung said...

LuLuLemon??? Huh?

We need model shots, DJ.

Shannon said...

I love love love Germany!! Hope you will get to see the sights. If you have tim make sure you visit the Hofbrauhaus Munchen :) Be safe!!

Family said...

LuLu Lemon.....DJ - Caitlin just bought a pair of those. If you're going to rock those, I think you should move down here to The OC - you'd fit right in.

dougphoto said...

I want to know about those biz class upgrades, is it simply a miles thing or do you have some sort of airline magic mojo? Last time I flew internationally (chicago to kigali rwanda 26+ hours coach) I swore I'd never fly international coach again. Share the love Im shooting in turkey this summer and would love the upgrade.

Todd said...

Glad you made it, Elisa is quite jealous and asking me when we are going :)

wyndee said...

Oh, love, love, love lululemon!!

Unknown said...

c'mon Dj .... post your "work the system" secrets!!!

Gerald & Airika said...

Seriously...I want a "work the system" post too! Can we bribe you? ;) ~Airika