Thursday, March 27, 2008

Best Dinner Ever

So the other night Allie came over and cooked up some amazing pasta. It was unbelievable! I'm still eating it. I had a bowl yesterday and I'm gonna have a bowl in a little bit....and she brought over her cute friends too. One of them is single and one of them is almost single so post up on the blog if you wanna know which one.

Tonight the Westmont Business Club is coming over. They come over sometimes and all share their ideas. They call it a "Think Tank" and it's a brilliant idea and everyone gets smarter as a result. It's funny b/c I've never even taken a business class and I actually dropped out of Westmont but there are some smart cats over there and we all learn a lot at these things.

It's interesting in our industry of wedding photography because there is such a focus on photography and almost zero focus on business. I was guilty of it too. For years and years all I thought about was taking picture and every day I would take pictures...but now I spend time every day thinking and learning how to create a better life through my business.

When was the last time you spent an hour taking pictures?
When was the last time you spent an hour reading about business?

Download my booklists and spend some time this week investing in yourself!

DJ's 1st booklist
DJ's 2nd booklist

Rock on!


Megan said...

Random story. Partner calls me in to his office, excited, asking me, "oh, you like photography, right?" This assumption was based off my cool wedding slideshow from Chris (he kept the link on his desktop for at least a year). So anyway, he's all excited, pulls up a photographer's blog and starts running his son's engagement shoot, on slideshow software. you would probably know the photographer too!

small world!!

Megan said...

on your* slideshow software. that was the most important part of the whole story!!

Andres said...

Totally true about the business vs photography aspects of what we do. Love the book list. Problem is I have like 10 books and have to find time to get through them! :)

jamiedelaine said...

I adore those booklists you made. I have them saved on my desktop--I have learned SO MUCH!

Jon said...

"You may be able to take great photos, but if you have no customers, no one will know".

You need to market yourself and do it well, very well. There is no excuse these days not to have a brand, an identity and means of communication that can make you stand out from the crowd.

DJ, are you still up for a chat!?

Jon Moss :-)

Unknown said...

FORGET DJ lectures, when is Allie taking her cooking show on the road? ;-)

Michael + Anna Costa said...

Such a good point. Thanks for the booklists!! :)


abigail smith said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog!

I hope that you have a great weekend too!

God Bless,

Michael J Charles said...

All women're even smarter than I thought!

Unknown said...

Love the booklists. I'm always looking for new books to read. Thanks!

Kevin Keith said...

Thanks for sharing so much about the business side of photography DJ. I think that is the hardest part for use creative cats to get our head around. The photography seems to be the easy stuff. In regards to Allie's friends, I'm a sucker for brunettes:)


AL said...

Ohhh can you share the pasta recipe? :)

Richard Wong said...

So which one of her friends is single? :-)