Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OSP's meteoric growth!

Online Social Networks have fascinated me ever since I started OSP back in October of 2003. Since then it's been incredible to watch as it slowly grew and then all of a sudden exploded and is now one of the best photographer communities on the net.

It is also the only one that I know of that still has never had advertising and is free to subscribers! That is super cool.

Checkout this New Users graph showing all the people signing up every month!

and today when I logged on there were 640 people from all over the world chatting away! That is so cool!

And for those of you who saw the B School blog today you witnessed The [b] share a tip encouraging people to bug me but I will [b]ounce you! Watch my tip!


Tyler Jorgenson said...

That's awesome! Soon 400+ registrations will seem dismal. I just found out that one of the guys that works with me has been to your house... it's a small world and OSP makes it even smaller. Keep it up.

Deyl said...

bugging in person is way more personable anyways. thats what i prefer :)

Annemarie said...

"Bye. Don't bug me." Too funny. You definitely don't need people bugging you with over 3300 emails in your inbox!!! Probably don't need pointless blog comments either, but hey..... :)

Anonymous said...

Proud to be a part of your first big spike,, March 2006!

See ya at WPPI!

Good thing you and [b] are friends.

Love ya [b] and DJ!

Shawn Kloster said...

All this [b]ugging and [b]ouncing must be a royal pain in the [b]utt! Haha... ok, I'll [b]ehave now. [B]ye!

Lindsey Joy said...

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!!