Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mark III

Ryan Flynn just posted this on OSP - Nowdays I mostly shoot in Single Shot mode but this is still really cool.

oh yea.... Santa Barbara almost melted off the earth today - it was 91 degrees! I thought I was gonna die! It's nice now though.


[ davidbrenot ] said...

Hello David, Nice day in your town
I've seen the Mark III on internet, it's an incredible speed.
it is what it is necessary for me for football
See you soon
Your french freind

Dawn Davis said...

My Mom just sent me this and I thought you would like to read this since you just read his book!

~ Dawn

Hybrid Photography said...

it was 94 in San Diego! It was icky. :(

faithsalutes said...

i love this weather. global warming is great! ha.

Sarah Renée said...

Whoa buddy!!

Renee said...

DJ, Just had to comment on this great weather! But do you remember the weather exactly one year ago yesterday? Snow in the hills, yet Kendyll & John still got the most fabulous wedding pictures (especially the beach pictures following the ceremony!!) Thank you again, Renee

Tim Halberg said...

wow... so for my shooting style this camera is top of the heap ey! ;-)