Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Showit Web Pro/Lite

The new Showit Web Pro/Lite is ready for FREE download and FREE upgrade!

It may automatically register for you or you can get your registration key by logging into your account on the Getit Store.

This will be the program that links in with the Showit-DVD service so if you want to get some shows ready for DVD just be sure to check the "Showit-DVD Compatible" box when you make the show and then you'll be ready to go.

Click Here for the PC version.

Click here for the Mac version!

There is also more info about Showit Web and the future DVD-service on the Support Site.

Rock on!

p.s. We switched the naming from "Version 2.0" to "PRO" and "Version 1.0" to "Lite" just incase you were confused. :)


Adam Squier said...

Mac link doesn't work -- should be:

Tim Halberg said...

you da man!!

|| davidjay || said...

Right on! :) Thanks!

Phil & Louise Barber said...


This service looks great and we would take full
use of it. But being based in the UK are you still
going to be able to ship the DVD's out to our


Paige Kearin said...


Unknown said...

I really like the new look and the additional features will make it a great tool to add additional revenue to my business. I was looking for it after Newport RI, I am glad you put it up on your Blog. Keep up the great work you are doing. Thanks! Richard

J@KE said...

I wish I could showit web.


Unknown said...

This is great. Thanks for providing it!

Ana Gabriela said...

AWESOME!!!! i love it!