Thursday, March 22, 2007

Honesty and Influence

I feel like I've been having a consistent conversation lately with so many people about the problem of dishonesty in our industry. It really makes me sad and I know this may not be a popular post but I feel the need to share it.

Without a doubt I've seen that openness and honesty is really the only way to succeed and I've tried (admitedly giving too much disclosure at times) to live a very open and completely honest and sincere life/business.

The companies (and people) that I support are all companies I truly believe in and I believed in them before I began talking about them...and I've declined to speak on behalf of companies and products that I don't believe in and It's been hard to watch as I see people sell their souls for products and companies just for a little cash even when they know and admit that these are not the best out there.

Please - if you're giving recommendations...if you're a leader...if you have influence over people's decisions then you have a huge responsibility to make sure what you're selling is actually going to help them.

Thanks for listening and let's all hold each other to a higher standard of openness and honesty and let's make this industry and better place.


Rodolfo Arpia said...

"hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!"

Steven Kang said...

Hi David,
Spoken like true Christian.
You don't know me yet, but someday.
I'm just starting out as pro in this industry(still have looong way to go and alot to learn), but one thing I did notice from people such as yourself, Jasmine star and all the other 5star pros is that you all help one another and don't look to cheat anybody. Rare habit in business world. It is very refreshing to know there are honorable people in the dog eat dog world of business. Keep up the good work David. You are great role model and great influence to those that care for and love the art of photography.

Daniel J. Watkins said...

After 19 years as a pro photographer, I'm happy to endorse...

David Jay's ShowIt software products...

(oh, and all products from Budweiser...those guys are pretty dang cool...if you're 21, that is.)

leanne reis said...

Great post DJ! I second what ya said!

Liana said...

We put DJ!!

Ditto on Showit. Trying to "break" it again as we speak. LOL. Budwieiser... maybe if I liked beer. Not so much though for moi.

You know, remind me in Vegas to tell you about a little something I went thru this fall ;)

Jasmine said...

Well said! Wonderfully simple, simply wonderful :)

Anna Costa said...

I really appreciate your talking about his because I think that as people progress and succeed it's important to still have integrity in what you promote. It's great to think ahead of time, "what would I do if someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse?" We see celebrities doing it all the time when their in ads for perfume, clothing etc. I think it's great that you have declined promoting stuff you don't use - it shows great strength of character.

Garrett said...

Great News DJ. Now let's use our Influence and Honesty to tell the truth about Pictage and there lack of quality in photo printing. We all need to express our need for Quality Photo Prints. I want Pictage to Succeed because it is a great resource. Can we take a poll of who is happy with the print quality of Pictage? Let Pictage know that we demand only the best.

We need the leadership of the Top Photographers that Pictage endorses to stand up for quality.

I know we can do it...


|| davidjay || said...

Actually I've been hearing incredibly positive things about Pictages print quality and the prints I've seen from them, especially recently, have been fabulous.

Just a few months ago, around Christmas, you can see on my blog I posted about a set of proofs I got that were gorgeous...and those were only proofs.

...and I believe they still have a 100% guarantee so you can always get things reprinted until you're satisfied.

I think a poll is a great idea. :)

Tim Halberg said...


I appreciate you posting this up! I know I've discussed this with you before, and I respect you for not promoting things you don't believe in.

I wish more people would have the backbone to stand up for what they believe.

I think Dan might not be too concerned about quality there with the Budweiser... maybe someone can hook him up with a few micro-brews to try? ;-)

Unknown said...

Well said, and I agree with the general spirit of your post.

You said "Without a doubt I've seen that openness and honesty is really the only way to succeed ..."

If you're talking about material success, I'm not sure I agree with that. There are plenty of dishonest people who are successful. Proverbs has plenty to say about the existence of dishonest gain.

You also said "make sure what you're selling is actually going to help them"

Are there really products in our industry that are 100% useless? And do they actually have high-profile people endorsing them? I think most of the products and services out there can be helpful to at least some photographers. Pictage, for example, isn't ideal for everyone.

I think it's more of a matter of "eat your own dogfood" ... if you're going to sell or endorse a product, it should be a product you actually use. Maybe it's the same thing, I'm not sure ...