Thursday, December 28, 2006

OSP iBlack

Another fun OSP option for those of you looking to change it up a bit. You can now go the bottom of the page and switch to a new look called iBlack. I like to click this one on at night so my screen doesn't burn my eyes out. :)

I've been kinda fighting some bug lately which is a bummer but one thing that always makes me feel better is buying new stuff so today I went to the camera store and got some new toys for this weekend and a new outfit for the wedding too! I will show you on Monday. Dane, Jules and my buddy Brett are helping out so it's gonna be a blast!



Sarah Barlow said...

Yeah..I love iBlack! It's really sweet!! :)
I hope you feel better!!

Sofia Negron Photography said...

I love the iblack too...ooohh I hope you aren't getting the flu...I've had it the past 2 days and as long as I lay around and eat nothing I am ok...take some airborne or something

Deyl said...

great hanging at your pad! thanks for the coffee and the lasagna :)

Jillian Kay said...

feel better!