Saturday, December 23, 2006


I'm delayed in Santa Barbara right now because there is too much fog in Phoenix...that's weird...but i'm just finishing up this sweet book by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba called Citizen Marketers.

I was reading about how people used to be able to buy their way to success and growth through advertising but this is no longer the case.

Realness and authenticity are now requirements for every business and I think it's dangerous to focus on exposure and growth without establishing a way to personalize your business.

Also...* small rant from me*

...I've been on dozens of websites in the last week without a picture in the bio. I can't stress the importance of having a nice friendly photo of yourself in the bio section (put a photo on the forum too!).

I've also been on hundreds of sites where the bio was more of a resume than a way for the client to connect or relate with the photographer. Think about the purpose of everthing you do...what is the end goal? Will your current system deliver that? If not - change it.



Anonymous said...

Hey DJ -

I agree (but you have seen my pic of myself). What I find so FRUSTRATING is that sometimes the contact info doesn't work, or is hard to find

How is a client supposed to get in contact with you if they can't call or e-mail. make sure your contact info is easily accessable!


Patricia Wells said...

I agree too. I have trouble with the too wordy stuff. I try to tone it down, but as an former academic, I can't seem to help myself.

I also need a cool pro photo of me like all the cool pro photo people have.
My husband takes my pic on vacations when my eyes are blinking or worse yet, I begin to "help him", with my camera. That's never a flattering look. :-D

Anonymous said...

Talk about irony. I'm a photographer. But I'm very camera shy. My current website, just has a client list. But the wedding one in the works will have a bio. I guess I should get crackin on a photo......bleh.

I can see what you mean. It is cool to get a sense of who you're dealing with.

Anonymous said...


I just finished reading the exact same book. It was an amazing book.

Aside from the great wealth of knowledge as it applies to my business personally this book has really opened my eyes and forced me to become part of the "1 Percenters" and start being a contributor and not just a lurker on forums and blogs.

This could be a whole other topic but what do you do when your image is not that of an aged veteran? I understand you could spin it as your hip, fashionable, and fresh BUT what do you do when your a baby faced 23 yearold?

Sheryl Renee said...

I completely agree. People really like to put a face w/ a name. Imagine going to a hair salon and the stylist looking as if she just got out of bed. You think to yourself, do I really trust her doing my hair? In the same sence, We're in the photo biz. I believe it is very important to have a professional pic displayed. I'm also amazed out how many photogs do not have a photo on the forum. Get one up there! (for those that don't already)

Anonymous said...

I got the point of this book within two links: and this: And you read the whole damn book. Dumb ass :). Kidding. Shannon