Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pictage Christmas Party

Pictage is such an amazing success story! There was a time when many people doubted that they'd even be able to survive and now it's pretty cool to see them leading and shaping the industry for the better.

Last night was their Christmas party and Shyla invited me down and all 200 of Pictage's employees were invited so it was quite a party! They had a whole casino setup and because Shyla and I finished out in the top 10 we won a trip to Laughlin! How cool is that!

Also, my friend Susan Han who does client training for Pictage gave me this funny shirt because she knows how much I like Sake! She's awesome and a bunch of them are gonna come up this week for PUG Christmas party that Michael and Anna Costa are running!

...I'm off to church right now but when I get home I will be putting OSP back live and explaining all that's happend. Matt Antonino got the new server up and then the amazing support team at Invision Power has been working nonstop on recouping as much info as possible and inserting it back into the forum.

I'm excited to be back together and I'll explain more later.



Daniel J. Watkins said...
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Natalie Joy said...

hehe! Looks like you guys had fun!!:)
SHY! I looooove your dress:)
Whoa!! A trip to laughlin?? is that like near LV? interesting..:) lol
Dont drink to much of that sake looks kinda peculiar;) (we had to look up the meaning of it;)lol

Natalie Joy said...

oh yeah..sweet suit!!!!:) love the pinstripe!:)

|| davidjay || said...

Thanks Natalie! :) I haven't worn a suit in forever. It was fun! I let Shyla have the vacation thing so she can go with her roommates. I'm not really into Laughlin...or Vegas for that matter.

Admin said...

hey great goin..enjoy the trip..i like the tee shirt..come over to celebrate the true sense of christmas with me..

Anonymous said...

For the record... As it may appear, My dress did NOT match DJ!! He just happened to match the table napkins... LOL

Sarah Renée said...

Daaaaaang DJ! Look at you in your snazzy suit!! How awesome!

Frank DiMeo said...

Duuuuuude, can’t remember when I’ve seen you looking so spiffy. Even shaved! Niiiiiiiceee, that must have been some party!

Honestly, bet you had a lot of fun. How could you not,, I mean you were there with everyone’s favorite Pictage employee.

Love and miss you too Shy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Frank!! Your simply the sweetest-est!
For the record... your my favorite New-Yorker-ex-polevaulter-photographer EVER ;)