Friday, December 01, 2006

Some info

It's been a crazy week! When the sites went down everyone kind of went into a frenzy and so we've been working on getting everything up and running again.

On Tuesday I had over 300 emails just asking about how to get onto the store and so although I would've loved to have responded to them all there was just no way and I know the support system got stalled out too because so many people couldn't access anything. Sorry about that and we're working to get everything setup on a server that can handle everything better. We plan to run another one day sale once it's fully setup. Even with the downtime we had an incredible 221 orders in just three days which blew me away. I dunno why everyone gets in the buying mood over Thanksgiving time.

Also, I leave tomorrow morning for a week of vacation in Cancun so I'll probably be away from the forum and email but I'll do my best to post some fun pics! I got a new camera - The Canon G7 and a water housing because Gary Fong said there are some interesting things rippling through the water down there! This should be fun!



amynave said...

Wow. Your a beep!!!!

Tim Co. said...

woah nice! have fun down there!!

Anonymous said...

dude, i was digging your shiney new camera. i think i am going to pick up one of those bad boys. have fun in cancun. go to isla muejeras for a day.